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Video Gambling War

crashed slot machine As it was said before the credibility of getting three similar symbols at the same time (777) is 1 to 7999. However the RGN principle doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get777 on the 7999th time. But you can get 777 at the first time, than three next times and on the 10th time. Theoretically it can be, but the history has never known such accidents. That’s why de Niro’s hero named manager silly. He as an administrator of the casino knew that some people who get 10-20 times winning combinations had started to appear at the establishment. And winning the lottery three times could mean even bankrupting the business.

And the war began. At first nobody understood anything. Both sides – casinos and “temp boys”- thought that the problem was based on some failings of the machine, or another way that “temp boys” find out the secret of the great Vagueness, the golden vein of the RGN. Nevada’s’ casinos, which were established by the well-known gangster Bagsy Zigel, used the methods, earlier invented by the establisher.


Generator of Casual Number Or Robert de Niro and “Casino”

5 cent video poker Temp boys and girls were a great number of groups, not connected with each other, learned to win “one-armed bandits” all the time. Those events had a very tiny strategy during the games, and the businessmen who couldn’t understand it, fought with “temp people” not even knowing the whole situation. I think you remember film “Casino” in which the hero of Robert de Niro shouted at the manager, accepted for work with the help of his friend’s influence:


Cheating Slot Machines by Temp Boys and Temp Girls

video poker full house Some masters made holes in the slot’s shell and pushed the metal stick inside, trying to state the accepting mechanism in the position “already paid”, or vice versa with the help of metal subjects tried to open the layer, through which the coins came out. However it’s well known that every action has its opposite action. The manufacturers started to construct different safety systems, to save their “masterpieces” from greedy people. And they won! One method, exactly “noting the time of disk’s activation” was the strongest! It was difficult to notice, because from the outside nothing had shown someone’s interruption.


Is It Possible to Win in Video Slot Machines?

mirage casino From here I am starting the set of posts about historical ideas of how to win while playing video slots.

Slot’s destiny is similar with a person’s. They can win or lose, feel the triumph or dramas finally.

As an example let’s have an accident, described in Alan White’s book “The encyclopedia of gambling games”.


“Libertly bell” and Jackpot Or Types of Video Slots

video poker players From the moment of “Liberty bell” invention all that pictures and the water melon additionally, added by Mills in 1937 year, are neighbors on the automats’ drums practically without any changes. Only a bright label became a usual rectangle with the word “BAR”. During the long time of their existence, these symbols became international, because every player knows that lemon means fail, three oranges – you’ve won 10 coins, and the last – three “BAR” – you’re the lucky one, who had won the Jackpot.

Modern machines can be divided in two categories. To the first belong street automats (their category is AWP). To the second casinos’ slots belong (their difference is in their price, power, playing time and the correlation of the rate and the maximal winning).


Historical Facts How Video Slot Machines Appeared

video poker gamblingThe beginning of this post you can find here.
The other successful combinations were on the poster above the aggregate. The “grandson” of the “one-armed band” was taken to the San-Francisco’s playing salon, the owners of which got the half of the profit. The great successes of such machines let Fey to afford building of his own plant, which produced automats.

The first electronic playing automat “Jackpot bell”, in which the mechanical wheel started to work with the help of electric engine, and in which the lever was changed to the button was constructed in 1930 year by the company “Jennings”. At 1966 the organization “Bally” presented the aggregate, having the paying system: the coins felt into the special pallet.


The History of Gambling Video Games Slots

teffic places of casinos The oldest mention about the automat with the money lottery belongs to 1887 year. That machine took coins but didn’t have any paying system, so the lottery was paid by the owner of the establishment.

In 1888 the USA had the machines which could carry out the jack pots. The first jackpot used the weight of the coins – when there were enough coins, under their weight the partition opened and won money came out. But the cleverest understood quickly that to get money you need to push the automat hardly. That’s why the model wasn’t widespread. In 1890 year the machine, imitating card game appeared. It had five drums, having on them imagination of real cards. After pulling the coins, the drums began to revolve and when the lottery combination appeared, the owner of the hall paid money to the winner.


Big Corporations on Video Slot Gaming Market

play casino here The professionals in playing business and equipment say that almost all enormous playing companies (I mean really enormous) attracting and holding their clients lead the winnings (it’s difficult to believe) to 94%, investing their own 4-5%. But it’s rather easy to understand: the first reason is, that if in one of the halls is situated the machine which gives out 75, but not 89% of the winning, it’s well seen that players will go to the hall, where this percent is bigger.


Usual & Online Poker and Blackjack Vs. Video Poker and Blackjack Slots

how to win video poker Let’s talk about more intellectual battles – there are video poker and blackjack game near here. Knowing the deck and having a good memory anyone can think out the strategy and try to win finally. But while playing with the poker automats there is no even a mention about the deck, so your good memory won’t be needed. The “poker monitor” has only five cards and the table for blackjack even less – two. How do they appear is the secret, it can be mixing by the system each new time or only taking out of the deck one by one. Making a conclusion we see, that the slot is only looking after not having two similar cards in one game.


Video Slot and Poker Business in Different Countries

playing combination In many countries such kind of business is enormous, and in some it is even one of the most important incomes to the state budget. For example the profit brought by the automats in Las-Vegas during last years was used in building six super-modern hotel-casinos, which cost about 1.5 million dollars each.