Historical Facts How Video Slot Machines Appeared

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The other successful combinations were on the poster above the aggregate. The “grandson” of the “one-armed band” was taken to the San-Francisco’s playing salon, the owners of which got the half of the profit. The great successes of such machines let Fey to afford building of his own plant, which produced automats.

The first electronic playing automat “Jackpot bell”, in which the mechanical wheel started to work with the help of electric engine, and in which the lever was changed to the button was constructed in 1930 year by the company “Jennings”. At 1966 the organization “Bally” presented the aggregate, having the paying system: the coins felt into the special pallet.

But from the very beginning of their existence, the automats had to fight for their ability to “live long”. In the USA many laws were published by different instances and organizations about forbidding the machines every year. But the coin aggregates became an internal part of every establishment, even if it was the chemist’s, pub, shop etc. So the owners tried to hide from the law any way.

enjoy online casino hereAs a result of this fight, was reconstruction of the playing automat into the automat, which gave out the chewing gum. The appearance of the first such automat – “Liberty bell gum fruit” – made by the Mortimer Mill’s company “Novelty” in 1910 year started the age of the gum in the automat business. Usual “Liberty bell” got the mechanism, giving the customer a gum instead of the 5- or 10 cent coin. By the way the customer could win a prize, if after pulling the lever the winning combination appeared.

The disk had new symbols on them – lemons, oranges, plums, mint, cherries, which were the same, as the most popular gum tastes. Besides, there were the images of the packets. From that time the maximal winning could be got after appearing of the three packets, and traditional bell was moved to the second line in the table of winnings. That kind of the automats was named as “fruit machines”.

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