Constant Competition – Video Slot Machine Complexity

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4 jacks in video poker machines In 2003 year the magazine “Big game” published the story about the operation connected with the program Cherry Bonus – the Japanese firm’s products DYNA. The program was used for a long time successfully in many countries, but once… The most poker and slot machines game divides in two parts. First is named the basic game, the second – risk game. The risk starts at that moment when on the first level the gambler gets a winning combination and then, after stopping tries to multiply the dividends.

The situation is like this: a row of cards appears on the monitor and you have to guess the meaning of the first: if it’s bigger or less than seven. If you guess right – you winning will be doubled. If no – you won’t get anything. Moreover, you have one help – the card, which opens itself. If you find it, you don’t have to guess anything; your winning will be multiplied itself. Everything is easy!

The aggregate should bring the profit to his owner of course, so one part goes to the owner, and another part comes back to the players as a winning. The program which looks after it carefully is named “distributor”. The Cherry Bonus has two of them: one for the main game and another for the risk-game. It’s understood that they should be connected. But why should they, it’s visible. So our situation is different…

“Catchers” of course weren’t afraid. At first they “fed” the automat with money, playing risk-games. It wasn’t difficult to do. All the machine’s tries to give gamblers the lottery were empty. The players didn’t listen to any help. At the end came up the moment when the automat gave the players winnings all the time, it didn’t depend on the card, chosen by the gamer – automat made all the cards winning.

Having the ability to win strongly in their pockets, “catchers” did the main game with the biggest rates. At the end they had a big winning but the risk game was completely serious. The distributor, leading this game, can’t know the situation before. So it believes it has to lose the game now.

video one-armed banditsAnyway, the “catchers” help to lead the slots to the perfection, even not wanting to do it. Nowadays, the factories make the security systems and program equipment much cleverer with several security levels. The tables of games and their programs, including “mathematics” are divided to different transmitters.

If, for example, the automat has 20 games, each of them has its own program system. And break it with all your temptation maybe is possible but too difficult. As it is said “the game doesn’t cost candles”. It isn’t even a computer in which a usual hacker can only break the main file.

Besides such difficult way there are a lot much easier ways to cheat the aggregate.

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