“Khopper is Full” – How To Win One-Armed Bandits

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video poker slotAnd here is the method told by the visitors of my blog.

It can be made with the counter automats. You look for the machine, which isn’t connected with the wall. Then you play fairly till the moment when the khopper (the mechanism of giving out the counters) is full. Then you put a nut under the corner of the automat, and with the help of the thick piece of paper try to get out the counters which fall down from the khopper. Then comes criminal, and it means very dangerous game with these counters. The game is free, because you didn’t buy those counters, and very big winnings the mechanic gives by himself, opening the machine.

That means, if you yourself isn’t lucky, maybe you’ll find the mechanic’s or the manager’s mistake… But you don’t have to have a great hope on those accidents.

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