How to Play Video Poker

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play online casino hereVideo poker in the Internet casino is the game, which needs special skills, which liquidate the level between the automats and the real games for most players. The most Internet casinos in the video poker games have the “casino’s advantage” is less than in usual slots.

During last years video poker becomes very popular and the bars and real casinos started to by more machines into the playing halls with the function of the video poker game. The first machines appeared at the end of 70s with the only game “Jacks and higher”. Nowadays there are more than 100 variants of video poker in the casinos.

This tendency came to the Internet casinos too. So today you can find a lot of different kinds of video poker in the online casinos. And you can choose from the usual one-line playing automats to video poker with the simultaneous playing to 100 playing hands.

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