Another Idea of How To Win Video One-Armed Bandit

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full set of aces Some people prefer to wait quietly while other gamblers pull enough money inside. When one of the gamers has lack of money, take his place and only wait to win. An advice – modern slots has their mechanical counters visible to everyone. Looking after them you can have the statistics of winnings and loses of the automat. If you note that data every day, a little time later you will know the periods of lotteries in this machine. Reliability of such method isn’t very high, but it’s safely and in the law’s borders.

Especially talented gamers test the khopper in the coin machines with the ability of loan game. It’s very easy to do: load the coins (about 10-100) and then try to get back. If there will be fewer coins than take the mechanic with you. Let him repair the aggregate and return your money. But if there is more coins you can “take them out” till their end in the automat. But it can be possible only if the mechanic is very lazy and stupid. Reliability (if you’re lucky to find such automat) is very high and there is no crime.

If you want you can look for the key for loan code. The number of code’s symbols can vary to 15000. Maybe, you want? You can try. I’ve found in the Internet that some are lucky to find.

Some people, who are completely despairing in their ability to win, can tie the thread to the coin. It’s possible if there is enough place between the place which “takes” the coins and the counter of the coins to return the coin back to the “taker”. But it’s very dangerous. You can be punished by the law then. The same is pushing some other metal things, not coins inside.

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