“Catchers” and A Hope To Win Video Slot

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video slot machines However, there is no way to win a clever automat, but the number of skilled gamers, who hope to find the mistake in aggregate’s work and fight “one-armed bandit” isn’t less.

Some people till our days tell stories about the way to push the lever or the button, other tell legends about “old” machines, which give the money easily, and another side is sure you have to try new slots to find the successes. People, who are more suspicious, believe that everything is connected with the social problems and that automats are made to win all the time by greedy managers, that they are controlled through the distance, regulating the possibility to win concerning with the player’s faces and even time of the day.

It’s had to be noticed that all such thoughts are likely to be connected with the paranoia (it’s also a reason of an unstoppable game). First of all the tricks of such kind are likely to be crimes. The second is that they are dangerous for casino too. The casinos don’t publish the statistic of the internal crime. But the banks have such. So the loses of banks caused by the internal crimes are bigger than loses from external swindlers in three times. The owners aren’t likely to be so foolish….

However there are some abilities to break the automat in intellectual way. There is even a special word to name such swindlers – “catchers”, finding different program’s defects and starting to win exactly after find.

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