How It Was Possible to Win in Video Slot Machines

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phpO183ht At first the player should count the moment of rotation of every disk very exactly from the moment of pushing the lever to the complete stopping of the drum. At second you had to remember the symbols’ order on each disk. At third the player had to have the mathematical skills. After the moment when the time of slot’s start was known, the gamers had to count (with the count-watch in their hand) the time, which lasts after the pulling coin inside to pushing the lever. Noting the initial place of the symbols on the three disks and knowing their order, the player could – if his calculations were right – make the disks rotate after a certain number of seconds, after the machine was started.

Than everything was easy. Of course, some coins were lost, but then came a winning combination. When it came the rate was the highest and the aggregate was cheated on money, repeating the combination.

An answer was very easy. At that time casinos had only mechanical slot-machines, and they had one big failing. In such kind of automats the principle of RNG is done by the drums, situated on the same axis. After the lever is moving, the spring at first starts moving too and then is frees to move the drums.

play video poker games cardsAt the same time the mechanical timer starts. Exactly the timer only had to stop the drums in order: the first then comes the second and the third. The phenomenon, noticed by the “temp boys” was that the timer doesn’t go on after 15-second time the drums stop. And if you push the lever during those 15 seconds, the drums will rotate together in the same position. Of course there was no exact guarantee, because the drums sometimes caned their position, but the credibility of it wasn’t higher that 20%. It’s understood, that the “temp boys” needed a very good calculations and a very strong patience.

When it was understood to the owners, the timer was changed. From that time it was switched on by the little GCN, the interval of switching on the timer was from 1 to 15 seconds. And everything was finished. The GCN was invincible.

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