Video Poker Advantage

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win 4000 in video pokerThe main advantage which the video poker has in a difference of other aggregates is that you completely manage your game, making the clever and thoughtful decisions, declining the casino’s advantage in this game to 0.5 %.

The most Video Poker games use the combinations which can be done of 52 cards of the standard deck. I say “most Video Poker games” because there are such games also as “Joker poker video poker” which uses one or two jokers additionally to 52-cards deck. There is also one very interesting and modern game which is named “Deuces wild” – video poker which uses 52 cards too and also deuces – which are similar to joker.

In general there are 2.598.960 combinations in the video poker which can made up of the deck consisting of the 52 cards.

In the machines of the video poker those combinations, so your failings and winnings are decided by the result of work of RGN.

Though the principle of RGN is in every automat, or they wouldn’t have got their name as the automats, would they?

poker and drinksMoreover, in the video poker game after you’ve got the needed combination you are proposed to double your winning – you can only take your lottery or try to double it. Because of that the new game begins, the rate in which is your previous winning. If you while choosing from the four closed cards will find the dealer’s card you’ve doubled your winning. Then you’ll be proposed to double the lottery again.

The “double game” in the video casino doesn’t have the same in the real game; your chances to win are 50:50. My personal record was making the double seven times, after that I decided not to test my destiny and take my winning. It had a place in the Internet casino Ladbrokers in 2006 year, when beginning with the 5 pounds I’ve won 640 pounds instead!! I was the lucky one!

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