Generator of Casual Number Or Robert de Niro and “Casino”

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5 cent video poker Temp boys and girls were a great number of groups, not connected with each other, learned to win “one-armed bandits” all the time. Those events had a very tiny strategy during the games, and the businessmen who couldn’t understand it, fought with “temp people” not even knowing the whole situation. I think you remember film “Casino” in which the hero of Robert de Niro shouted at the manager, accepted for work with the help of his friend’s influence:

  • They won “Jackpot” three times!! Where were you looking at that time?!
  • But what could I do? They played fairly!
  • Those who win so many times can’t play fairly! And only the idiot doesn’t understand this fact!

And the hero of de Niro knew what he was talking about. He himself was accepted for work thanking to his abilities. So he realized what the reason of casino’s income was and winning video poker game.
And the casino’s instrument to earn money “fairly” is named RGN – generator of casual numbers. The best known and the easiest RGN is a playing brick. A deck, the drum, lotto and roulette’s wheel are all considered to belong to RGN. “One-armed bandit’s” drum belongs there too.

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