Cheating Slot Machines by Temp Boys and Temp Girls

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video poker full house Some masters made holes in the slot’s shell and pushed the metal stick inside, trying to state the accepting mechanism in the position “already paid”, or vice versa with the help of metal subjects tried to open the layer, through which the coins came out. However it’s well known that every action has its opposite action. The manufacturers started to construct different safety systems, to save their “masterpieces” from greedy people. And they won! One method, exactly “noting the time of disk’s activation” was the strongest! It was difficult to notice, because from the outside nothing had shown someone’s interruption.

The battle for money, which was hidden very well started in the USA between the owners of the casinos (they had lost 500 million dollars before) and gamblers coinciding with the Second World War. And that millions of dollars came to the owning of the “temp boys” (they were named so in the society), which were called burglars by the owners of the casinos, whom, by the way, weren’t liked by the people too. Though not only “temp boys”, but “temp girls” too, because there was the same number of the girls in cheating automats.

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