Is It Possible to Win in Video Slot Machines?

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mirage casino From here I am starting the set of posts about historical ideas of how to win while playing video slots.

Slot’s destiny is similar with a person’s. They can win or lose, feel the triumph or dramas finally.

As an example let’s have an accident, described in Alan White’s book “The encyclopedia of gambling games”.

“..The one of such an addicted person was a young Indian businessman, who came for the conference to Tokyo. Having his breakfast he noticed four automats, which worked with the help of the lever. The curious Indian couldn’t fight his attraction to test his destiny. He came up to the automats, pulled a few coins and pushed the lever. His winning was eight coins. That was the beginning of the interminable marathon which lasted for six days and stopped only to eat and sleep.

During that time he pushed the lever for 7000 times, and won in general 1500 dollars, which spent while playing again. And adding to that money his own 100$. However sometimes the automats allowed him to win bigger sums, but except the first time there were no such situation when the winning was bigger than the rate in one and a half times. For example, after giving the machine 20$ he got back less than ten.

bet in video pokerWhen six days were finished and gambler returned home, he tried to persuade the owners of the company where he was working to spend all the money earned from the export of fruits, medicines and species on import of American gambling automats. Unusual commercial business brought a great profit and successes to the firm…”

In spite of the income, which is always gotten by all the owners of the aggregates, some of those people try to adjust the automats the way that the winnings wouldn’t be bigger than 20% of the pushed sum, pushed into by a player. But the gamblers, by the way don’t stand beside that. During the beginning of the automats age, there were a lot of different tries to cheat the metal opponent.

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