Video Slot and Poker Business in Different Countries

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playing combination In many countries such kind of business is enormous, and in some, it is even one of the most important incomes to the state budget. For example, the profit brought by the automats in Las-Vegas during last years was used in building six super-modern hotel-casinos, which cost about 1.5 million dollars each.

In the 2000 year playing automats provided Nevada’s budget with 15 milliard dollars taken for taxes. In France, the video slot machines were prohibited for a very long time, but at last democrats set them free. As a result casinos’ profit during a few last years became bigger in six times, reached six milliards franks, from which 85% are brought by “one-armed bandits”. The reason is – its high percentage of useful influence. And the state is a winner too because it takes 53% of the profit.

video jackpot partyEvery casino in Las-Vegas obligatory has a special table on which such words are written, “Concerning with the federal law of the USA 90% of the income returns to players as a winning!” At least two inspections – state and government – are responsible for every coin, pulled into an automat. And moreover, for every metal tray, that came out of the slot machine. Thus every person, who has such a wish, can look through actives of the company-owner, certificate about installing and tuning this technical wonder and even describing the work of the programs.

Naturally, nor federal law, neither both US inspection can guarantee, after bringing to the casino a hundred dollars, taking back with you 90. But they guarantee only “fair play” in video slots as well as video poker. And the playing house is only in the middle stage between a man and her gorgeousness Fortune. Besides, the thing between – the mediator – is very fair and serious, is one, to whom you can believe and trust. One who won’t cheat you. As it’s said: it’s worth believing… And ten percents are enough to prospering both: Las-Vegas and Atlantic City.

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