Video Slot Machines or a Few Words About “One-Armed Bandits”

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big win in people partyNowadays there are no more “one-armed bandits” in the real meaning of this word combination – the playing automat is switching on with the help of the button, not with the lever as it was done before, and inside it has nor revolving disks, but the monitor, on which the illusion of revolving drums is done machine. Such automats had an evolution from mechanic machine with a little winning prize, to the difficultly built apparatus united into the systems of accumulating prizes. Modern automats don’t have any cards, blocks, wheels etc. All the work is done by the computer in them. Besides it’s not a super Pentium, the chip, which is inserted into the modern machine isn’t better than it is in the watch “CASIO”, which costs 50$.

Inside the playing automat also well-known as video slot machine

Everyone has seen even once (maybe in the movie) this mechanic machine, which was started a long ago with the help of the lever (for that it was named “one-armed bandit”) and now with the button. Having thrown a few coins into the crack of the automat, the player can push the button, which starts the packet of three (or five) disks, being held on one axis but revolving independently from each other. If after the stop of the disks the combination of the symbols is the same as a lottery, the machine will give a few coins to the winner. Even a monkey can understand the game! Only pressing the buttons each time you feel it inside!
The game starts after the coin is dropped into the special layer or the banknote is put. The money automatically are checked and divided in the parts of minimal rates, which are afforded by the casino. Usually it’s 3-4$.

Structure Of Video Slot Machine

There are three or five drums in the automat. If there are five, the player chooses himself how many he’ll use during the game.

8480 credits video pokerOne drum can consist of 20 or more, to 100 symbols. During the game with the machine with three drums, including 20 symbols on each of them, general number of the combinations is about 8000, but only 12 of them are lottery! The credibility of getting three similar symbols at the same time is 1 to 7999. If you play the machine with 120 symbols on each drum, the credibility of winning goes to 1 from 1 727 999.

The player’s chances to get needed symbol combination are completely unforeseeable, and submit to casual numbers’ laws. The general sum of the winnings depends on the program which is installed in the automat. But it doesn’t mean that after putting 100$ inside you’ll surely get 75$ back. Winnings are foreseen in average for one machine. In fact such automat brings the profit even if it is organized giving 80-90% of the sum back to the player.

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