Is Video Poker Video Poker Tips to Play Violently


Video Poker Strategy, Tactics and Some Tips

play 5 credits on video slot It isn’t enough to know the percent of winnings in the slot for Video Poker only. To get the maximal winning you need to play knowing the necessary number of mathematical combinations. It’s very important to learn the strategies for each kind of the game and to use them right. A few mistakes in using the final strategy and you’ll lose your lottery. An each game in Video poker has its own best strategy. For example you can’t use the same strategies while playing the “wild deuces” and “jack and better”.


Video Poker Advantage

win 4000 in video pokerThe main advantage which the video poker has in a difference of other aggregates is that you completely manage your game, making the clever and thoughtful decisions, declining the casino’s advantage in this game to 0.5 %.

The most Video Poker games use the combinations which can be done of 52 cards of the standard deck. I say “most Video Poker games” because there are such games also as “Joker poker video poker” which uses one or two jokers additionally to 52-cards deck. There is also one very interesting and modern game which is named “Deuces wild” – video poker which uses 52 cards too and also deuces - which are similar to joker.


How to Play Video Poker

play online casino hereVideo poker in the Internet casino is the game, which needs special skills, which liquidate the level between the automats and the real games for most players. The most Internet casinos in the video poker games have the “casino’s advantage” is less than in usual slots.

During last years video poker becomes very popular and the bars and real casinos started to by more machines into the playing halls with the function of the video poker game. The first machines appeared at the end of 70s with the only game “Jacks and higher”. Nowadays there are more than 100 variants of video poker in the casinos.


The Rules of Video Poker Game

8480 credits video pokerIn usual casinos online playing slots the win of the player is based on the luckiness only. You put the money in, and then push the button to start rolling and only hope to be taken to dance by the Luckiness and Success. Nothing can influence the result of rolling the drums in the playing machines. At the same time a lot of table games need a lot of skills and knowing the maximal strategy by the player, which can influence your win or lost. While playing table games chances to win are much bigger than while gambling with playing automat. Especially, if you have skills of such games strategy. All the blackjack players know that the basic of the perfect game is minimal knowledge of the strategy.


What Brings Casinos More Than 70% of Their Income

mirage casino The playing slots, or as they are named “frutty machines”, or “poker machines” are another kind of gamble games in casinos. The most usual are coin aggregates with three or five drums, which start to rotate after pushing the lever, situating on the one side of the machine. There is a special mechanism to determine if the coins or the banknotes are original.


“Khopper is Full” – How To Win One-Armed Bandits

video poker slotAnd here is the method told by the visitors of my blog.

It can be made with the counter automats. You look for the machine, which isn’t connected with the wall. Then you play fairly till the moment when the khopper (the mechanism of giving out the counters) is full. Then you put a nut under the corner of the automat, and with the help of the thick piece of paper try to get out the counters which fall down from the khopper. Then comes criminal, and it means very dangerous game with these counters. The game is free, because you didn’t buy those counters, and very big winnings the mechanic gives by himself, opening the machine.


Another Idea of How To Win Video One-Armed Bandit

full set of aces Some people prefer to wait quietly while other gamblers pull enough money inside. When one of the gamers has lack of money, take his place and only wait to win. An advice – modern slots has their mechanical counters visible to everyone. Looking after them you can have the statistics of winnings and loses of the automat. If you note that data every day, a little time later you will know the periods of lotteries in this machine. Reliability of such method isn’t very high, but it’s safely and in the law’s borders.

Especially talented gamers test the khopper in the coin machines with the ability of loan game. It’s very easy to do: load the coins (about 10-100) and then try to get back. If there will be fewer coins than take the mechanic with you. Let him repair the aggregate and return your money. But if there is more coins you can “take them out” till their end in the automat. But it can be possible only if the mechanic is very lazy and stupid. Reliability (if you’re lucky to find such automat) is very high and there is no crime.


Constant Competition – Video Slot Machine Complexity

4 jacks in video poker machines In 2003 year the magazine “Big game” published the story about the operation connected with the program Cherry Bonus – the Japanese firm’s products DYNA. The program was used for a long time successfully in many countries, but once… The most poker and slot machines game divides in two parts. First is named the basic game, the second – risk game. The risk starts at that moment when on the first level the gambler gets a winning combination and then, after stopping tries to multiply the dividends.

The situation is like this: a row of cards appears on the monitor and you have to guess the meaning of the first: if it’s bigger or less than seven. If you guess right – you winning will be doubled. If no – you won’t get anything. Moreover, you have one help – the card, which opens itself. If you find it, you don’t have to guess anything; your winning will be multiplied itself. Everything is easy!


“Catchers” and A Hope To Win Video Slot

video slot machines However, there is no way to win a clever automat, but the number of skilled gamers, who hope to find the mistake in aggregate’s work and fight “one-armed bandit” isn’t less.

Some people till our days tell stories about the way to push the lever or the button, other tell legends about “old” machines, which give the money easily, and another side is sure you have to try new slots to find the successes. People, who are more suspicious, believe that everything is connected with the social problems and that automats are made to win all the time by greedy managers, that they are controlled through the distance, regulating the possibility to win concerning with the player’s faces and even time of the day.


How It Was Possible to Win in Video Slot Machines

phpO183ht At first the player should count the moment of rotation of every disk very exactly from the moment of pushing the lever to the complete stopping of the drum. At second you had to remember the symbols’ order on each disk. At third the player had to have the mathematical skills. After the moment when the time of slot’s start was known, the gamers had to count (with the count-watch in their hand) the time, which lasts after the pulling coin inside to pushing the lever. Noting the initial place of the symbols on the three disks and knowing their order, the player could - if his calculations were right – make the disks rotate after a certain number of seconds, after the machine was started.