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Video Gambling War

crashed slot machine As it was said before the credibility of getting three similar symbols at the same time (777) is 1 to 7999. However the RGN principle doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get777 on the 7999th time. But you can get 777 at the first time, than three next times and on the 10th time. Theoretically it can be, but the history has never known such accidents. That’s why de Niro’s hero named manager silly. He as an administrator of the casino knew that some people who get 10-20 times winning combinations had started to appear at the establishment. And winning the lottery three times could mean even bankrupting the business.

And the war began. At first nobody understood anything. Both sides – casinos and “temp boys”- thought that the problem was based on some failings of the machine, or another way that “temp boys” find out the secret of the great Vagueness, the golden vein of the RGN. Nevada’s’ casinos, which were established by the well-known gangster Bagsy Zigel, used the methods, earlier invented by the establisher.


Usual & Online Poker and Blackjack Vs. Video Poker and Blackjack Slots

how to win video poker Let’s talk about more intellectual battles – there are video poker and blackjack game near here. Knowing the deck and having a good memory anyone can think out the strategy and try to win finally. But while playing with the poker automats there is no even a mention about the deck, so your good memory won’t be needed. The “poker monitor” has only five cards and the table for blackjack even less – two. How do they appear is the secret, it can be mixing by the system each new time or only taking out of the deck one by one. Making a conclusion we see, that the slot is only looking after not having two similar cards in one game.


Video Slot Machines or a Few Words About “One-Armed Bandits”

big win in people partyNowadays there are no more “one-armed bandits” in the real meaning of this word combination – the playing automat is switching on with the help of the button, not with the lever as it was done before, and inside it has nor revolving disks, but the monitor, on which the illusion of revolving drums is done machine. Such automats had an evolution from mechanic machine with a little winning prize, to the difficultly built apparatus united into the systems of accumulating prizes. Modern automats don’t have any cards, blocks, wheels etc.