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“Libertly bell” and Jackpot Or Types of Video Slots

video poker players From the moment of “Liberty bell” invention all that pictures and the water melon additionally, added by Mills in 1937 year, are neighbors on the automats’ drums practically without any changes. Only a bright label became a usual rectangle with the word “BAR”. During the long time of their existence, these symbols became international, because every player knows that lemon means fail, three oranges – you’ve won 10 coins, and the last – three “BAR” – you’re the lucky one, who had won the Jackpot.

Modern machines can be divided in two categories. To the first belong street automats (their category is AWP). To the second casinos’ slots belong (their difference is in their price, power, playing time and the correlation of the rate and the maximal winning).


Historical Facts How Video Slot Machines Appeared

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The other successful combinations were on the poster above the aggregate. The “grandson” of the “one-armed band” was taken to the San-Francisco’s playing salon, the owners of which got the half of the profit. The great successes of such machines let Fey to afford building of his own plant, which produced automats.

The first electronic playing automat “Jackpot bell”, in which the mechanical wheel started to work with the help of electric engine, and in which the lever was changed to the button was constructed in 1930 year by the company “Jennings”. At 1966 the organization “Bally” presented the aggregate, having the paying system: the coins felt into the special pallet.