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Constant Competition – Video Slot Machine Complexity

4 jacks in video poker machines In 2003 year the magazine “Big game” published the story about the operation connected with the program Cherry Bonus – the Japanese firm’s products DYNA. The program was used for a long time successfully in many countries, but once… The most poker and slot machines game divides in two parts. First is named the basic game, the second – risk game. The risk starts at that moment when on the first level the gambler gets a winning combination and then, after stopping tries to multiply the dividends.

The situation is like this: a row of cards appears on the monitor and you have to guess the meaning of the first: if it’s bigger or less than seven. If you guess right – you winning will be doubled. If no – you won’t get anything. Moreover, you have one help – the card, which opens itself. If you find it, you don’t have to guess anything; your winning will be multiplied itself. Everything is easy!


“Catchers” and A Hope To Win Video Slot

video slot machines However, there is no way to win a clever automat, but the number of skilled gamers, who hope to find the mistake in aggregate’s work and fight “one-armed bandit” isn’t less.

Some people till our days tell stories about the way to push the lever or the button, other tell legends about “old” machines, which give the money easily, and another side is sure you have to try new slots to find the successes. People, who are more suspicious, believe that everything is connected with the social problems and that automats are made to win all the time by greedy managers, that they are controlled through the distance, regulating the possibility to win concerning with the player’s faces and even time of the day.


How It Was Possible to Win in Video Slot Machines

phpO183ht At first the player should count the moment of rotation of every disk very exactly from the moment of pushing the lever to the complete stopping of the drum. At second you had to remember the symbols’ order on each disk. At third the player had to have the mathematical skills. After the moment when the time of slot’s start was known, the gamers had to count (with the count-watch in their hand) the time, which lasts after the pulling coin inside to pushing the lever. Noting the initial place of the symbols on the three disks and knowing their order, the player could - if his calculations were right – make the disks rotate after a certain number of seconds, after the machine was started.


Is It Possible to Win in Video Slot Machines?

mirage casino From here I am starting the set of posts about historical ideas of how to win while playing video slots.

Slot’s destiny is similar with a person’s. They can win or lose, feel the triumph or dramas finally.

As an example let’s have an accident, described in Alan White’s book “The encyclopedia of gambling games”.